Dan Hamill VIP Vocal Mastery is a bespoke, state-shifting, truly liberating four-month vocal mastery program designed for seven and eight-figure entrepreneurs. 

Offered yearly to a handful of select global changemakers, the Dan Hamill VIP Vocal Mastery experience is for the top ‘one percenters’ kicking goals in their respective fields, who hold a secret desire to unleash their inner SUPERSTAR, inhabit their BOLDEST self, and really learn to SING at an international level.

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“Dan has the most amazing teaching style. He is so affirming. He is so understanding of all of the fears and self talk and doubts and things that hold people back from being fully self-expressed. He held me in some of my most vulnerable moments.”


Combining his mastery as a film actor and international vocalist, with his acute understanding of the human psyche and track record for taking clients all the way to America’s Got Talent, The Voice, and global TV & movie deals, Dan is without a doubt a world authority on vocal performance.


“If you too are an entrepreneur who is wanting to expand your capacity to grow… if you’re really willing to look into all aspects of yourself and bring all of yourself to the table, then I highly recommend working with Dan. He is worth every penny.”


This bespoke, state-shifting, immersive four-month experience is grounded in weekly online vocal performance sessions with voice extraordinaire Dan Hamill, culminating in a personally curated, state-of-the-art live music video shoot!

Professionally recorded with an elite sound and film crew, LIVE band, personalised choreography, expert hair and outfit styling, and much more, your hit track legacy piece will of course, be custom designed and directed by Dan.


1 x weekly 1-hour Vocal Mastery Empowerment Session

1 x weekly Client Video Submission for Feedback

1 x pre-shoot Dress Rehearsal Intensive

1 x Production Shoot Experience

1 x Professionally Recorded Music Video

Also included:

Bespoke MP3 Vocal Demos outlining artistic vocal design; step by step Facial Tracking Videos demonstrating vowels, facial postures and techniques; tailored PDF Vocal Maps highlighting vocal detail and nuance; and personalised Movement Videos explaining choreography from a physical and acting perspective.

Package cost: US $75K

At Dan Hamill VIP Vocal Mastery, discover the ULTIMATE form of human emotional expression!


is to elevate clients to their most audacious self, so they may own, integrate and celebrate ALL aspects of who they are and what they have achieved. 

Through the VIP Vocal Mastery, you can expect to be challenged to liberate the hidden aspects of your true self, empowering you to wholeheartedly embody the full expression of your pride

There is no playing small with Dan Hamill.

Don’t leave your song unsung… unleash your vocal prowess today!

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