Hailed by the Australian media as charming, articulate, a little bit cheeky and full of heart, Dan Hamill is Australia’s leading multifaceted artistic entrepreneur. 


With a Daniel Craig-esque debeneur and humour reminiscent of The Office, leading man Dan Hamill is an Australian actor revered within the entertainment industry as a true chameleon. His unmatched warmth, wisdom, sensitivity and sophistication make him the epitome of the new age gentleman.

From romantic lead to action star and serial killer, Dan is a highly versatile and self-sustaining actor who redefines what it means to be an artist in the waiting.


As the founder of Dan Hamill VIP Vocal Mastery, Dan Hamill Performance Coaching and the Dan Hamill Band, Dan is a successful entrepreneur and owner of three thriving creative businesses. It is his strategic and focused approach to his acting career that gives him the self-assuredness and grounding others lack.

Represented by Sophie Jermyn Management (Australia) and Brio Entertainment (globally), Dan’s most notable credits include Love Child (Nine Network), House Husbands (Nine Network), City Homicide (Seven Network), Neighbours (Fremantle Media), Jack Irish (ABC),  The Dr Blake Mysteries (ABC), Canadian series Hard Rock Medical, and tele-movie The Broken Shore


Having appeared in numerous films, Dan is particularly proud of his work as lead role Frankie in Between Me, a film directed by Kim Farrant (Strangerland; Angel of Mine), which screened at the International Cannes Film Festival.

Working across Los Angeles and Australia, Dan is forever on the front foot and the designer of his own revolution. 


Whether acting in lead roles for hit TV productions or jet-setting across the globe to perform at large-scale bespoke events, Dan is a publicity dream. Using interviews and red carpets as his own personal playground, he delights with his quick wit and banter!


Dan’s lifelong dream is to become a superhero.


US: Brehan Fitzgerald, Brio Entertainment 


AUS: Sophie Jermyn, Sophie Jermyn Management 


IMBD: www.imdb.com